History books will tell the story of how a small selection of quiet and unassuming smoking enthusiasts from all over the globe struggled to meet, but when they finally got together after an epic journey, they changed the 420 world as we knew it…

…A little dramatic, maybe, but you get the picture! The friENTly bunch at GlassPipes.io are a small selection of veteran smokers who got together with the aim to share their combined knowledge and passion for glass pipes with the rest of the world. With over 35 years experience of using glass pipes, along with an in-depth knowledge of the recreational/medicinal substances you can use in them, the team’s expertise really is second to none. That’s why this website is the ONLY site you’ll EVER need when it comes to learning everything there is to know about glass pipes.

The team at GlassPipes.io have two goals. Their first is to provide readers, whether they’re new to smoking or are 420 masters, with honest glass pipe reviews, news, Top10s, and How-to guides. Because the team is made up of a group of serial smoking specialists, the information you read will always be up-to-date and relevant to your interests. Reviews won’t just cover pricing and dimensions, they’ll also cover the benefits which matter most to a smoker, like, how potent is the toke, and how many times can a pipe be used before it needs cleaning?

The second goal is to educate and inform people about the benefits of glass pipes and the team is all set to debunk the myths about the substances you can use in them.

As well as honest, in-depth glass pipe reviews, the team will also write blog posts on must have glass pipe deals – so you always get great value for money when you’re shopping for a new pipe, Top 10 lists – so you know which glass pipe is the best one for any given occasion – and How-to guides – including how to clean your pipe, and how to find the best style of pipe for your smoking needs, etc.

The guys and gals at GlassPipes.io are always looking to chat with like-minded people, and they’re more than happy to answer any burning questions you might have about glass pipes which havent, as yet, been covered in the blog. Make sure to drop the team a message with your questions, and they’ll get back in touch right away with answers. Once they’ve done that, you can guarantee they’ll be writing up a post about it to share with other smoking enthusiasts.

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